Mission Statement
Co-Extra is a EU research programme on co-existence and traceability. Our goal is to support their implementation and to foster a science-based debate among stakeholders.
[07/09/2009] Growing number of genetically modified crops worldwide could disrupt international trade

The number of commercialised genetically modified (GM) crops in the world is foreseen to multiply by four from about 30 today to over 120 in 2015. This is the forecast presented in the report "The global pipeline of new GM crops: implications of asynchronous approval ...[more]

[04/09/2009] [DE] Food inspections for GMOs in Germany in 2008: infringements rare, but often traces of GM-soy

Once again in 2008, food inspectors in Germany found only isolated cases of GM-labelling infringements. Whereas very slight traces of GM soybeans were frequently found in products containing soy, those derived from maize were mostly "GMO free". Initial ...[more]

[14/08/2009] GMCC-09: Early Bird Registration closes tomorrow

This is a reminder that early bird registration for the GMCC-09 conference ends this weekend, 15 August 2009. The 2009 Genetically Modified Crops Coexistence Conference (GMCC’09) will be held in Melbourne, Australia from 10 – 12 November 2009.[more]

[13/08/2009] Co-Extra International Conference: Presentations are now available online

The Co-Extra research project presented the results of four years of scientific research and discussed how these integrate with other EU and international studies to provide information for the management of GMOs and their products from farm to fork.[more]

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