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Co-existence regulations are implemented by member states individually and Co-Extra has established an international correspondent network reporting on progress. Please also read our disclaimer.
[04/09/2009] [DE] Food inspections for GMOs in Germany in 2008: infringements rare, but often traces of GM-soy

Once again in 2008, food inspectors in Germany found only isolated cases of GM-labelling infringements. Whereas very slight traces of GM soybeans were frequently found in products containing soy, those derived from maize were mostly "GMO free". Initial ...[more]

[12/08/2009] [DE] Germany: New standard GMO-free logo introduced

The German Minister for Agriculture, Ilse Aigner (CDU),  has presented a standardised logo for food products ‘without gene technology’. Improvement of the poor acceptance of the ‘without gene technology’ label is expected thereby. To date, only a few manufacturers have made use of this tag.[more]

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