Relevant authorities in Greece

Although Greece is opposed to genetically modified plants, the government has begun to take steps toward regulating co-existence.

Regulatory bodies

The competent authority for the development and implementation of co-existence measures in Greece is the Ministry of Rural Development and Food. Designated departments of the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Development assist with this task.

Advisory panels

To analyse co-existence issues and to suggest implementation strategies, the Ministry of Rural Development and Food appointed an expert committee in summer 2004. The committee consists of the General Secretary of the Ministry, representatives of other state authorities, and experts from the public and private research sectors.


Since January 2006, Greece participates in the expert network on co-existence, Coex-Net, coordinated by the European Commission, DG Agriculture, and Rural Development Unit F1 - Environment and Forestry. Only one meeting has taken place to date, in which Greece stated the following position:

“Regarding the subject of national co-existence measures, these measures have not been taken yet. However, the co-competent Services of our Ministry are still processing these measures. Furthermore, genetically modified multiplying material has neither been imported from other Member States, nor been given import licenses from Third Countries for cultivation and trials. Consequently, concerning the subject of research projects on co-existence in our country, within the framework of license procedures, it is assessed that relevant research projects have not been carried out."

Regional Co-extra reporter /rapporteur:
  • Giorgos Sakellaris
    NHRF, Institute of Biological Research & Biotechnology
    48, V. Constantinou Ave., 116 35 Athens, Greece
    Phone: +30-2-1-0-7273-735

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