Relevant authorities in Italy

Italy has incorporated all EU regulations on GMOs into national law. In addition to the legal framework on national level, some of Italy’s regions have implemented local regulations.

Regulatory bodies

In Italy, the Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for a co-existence scheme.
In Italy, the Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for a co-existence scheme.
General regulation on GMOs

The Ministry of the Environment is the national competent authority with regard to GMOs in Italy.

The national competent authority is required to consult with the public during the decision-making process for the deliberate release of GMOs into the environment. The authority reports the results of these public consultations to the Interministerial Evaluation Commission for consideration in the final decision regarding the possible release of the specific GMO in question. Following a favourable decision, the relevant Ministry provides the authorisation for the deliberate release of the GMOs on the basis of

  • verification by the Release Evaluation Commission
  • the assessment of possible effects on human health, animal health and on the environment with particular attention to natural ecosystems;
  • the level of compatibility with existing management practices regarding biodiversity, agricultural systems, and particularly organic and traditional produce.

GMO regulations at the regional level were developed by other bodies.

Co-existence and traceability

The Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry (MiPAF) is responsible for GM seed testing and is the competent authority for developing a co-existence scheme. It is supported by the Ministry of Environment. The regions are responsible for the implementation of co-existence rules.

Advisory panels

Italy installed the Committee for the Coexistence of Transgenic, Conventional and Organic Farming. Because Italy is composed of self-governing provinces, regional voices play a role in the drafting of co-existence legislation.

The Instituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS) is the main technical and scientific body of the Italian National Health Service. It studies the issues of GMO detection and traceability in the food supply chain.

The National Committee for Biotechnology and Biosafety coordinates, harmonises, and integrates the programmes, initiatives, and activities of the Ministries and organisations involved in biotechnology.

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