[20/02/2009] [AT] EU Commission pushes for ban lift

On February 10th, 2009, the European Commission published a proposal aimed against the current Austrian prohibition of GM maize MON810 and T25. The bans were enacted in 1999 and 2000.[more]

Andrea Kdolsky, Austrian Minister of Health
[17/06/2008] [AT] Still no GM cultivation in Austria

On 7th May, 2008, the EU Commission lifted the import ban on GM maize lines MON810 and T25. However, the cultivation of GMO and the utilisation of genetically modified products cannot be anticipated in Austria at present. The Austrian Minister of Health, Andrea Kdolsky, has spoken of a voluntary agreement among the ...[more]

[19/09/2007] [AT] Upper Austria may not prohibit the general use of gene technology

The European Court of Justice (ECJ)  has declared the cultivation ban on genetically modified plants in Upper Austria to be invalid. In doing so, the court dismissed an appeal by the Austrian federal state, which had attempted to defy the ECJ in enforcing a law to prohibit the use ...[more]

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