[04/09/2009] [DE] Food inspections for GMOs in Germany in 2008: infringements rare, but often traces of GM-soy

Once again in 2008, food inspectors in Germany found only isolated cases of GM-labelling infringements. Whereas very slight traces of GM soybeans were frequently found in products containing soy, those derived from maize were mostly "GMO free". Initial ...[more]

[12/08/2009] [DE] Germany: New standard GMO-free logo introduced

The German Minister for Agriculture, Ilse Aigner (CDU),  has presented a standardised logo for food products ‘without gene technology’. Improvement of the poor acceptance of the ‘without gene technology’ label is expected thereby. To date, only a few manufacturers have made use of this tag.[more]

German agriculture minister Ilse Aigner (CSU) under pressure: A campaign supported by environmental and consumer organisations calls for a ban to be imposed on the planting of GM maize before sowing begins. Photo: campact
[01/04/2009] [DE] Germany: Regions are to decide on GM planting, says Minister Aigner

German agriculture minister Ilse Aigner (CSU) wants to leave the decision up to the regions about planting genetically modified crops. "The German states as well as the administrative districts should decide themselves if they want to have green gene technology or not," said ...[more]

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