[30/04/2009] [FR] Appointment of the High Council of Biotechnologies

Jean-Louis Borloo, Minister of Ecology presented the High Council of Biotechnologies on April 22, 2009. This new authority involves experts as well as representatives of the public society and is aimed at enlightening the political field on such pointed and controversial subjects as GMO.[more]

[16/03/2009] [FR] Is it still impossible to detect if a cow has been GMO-fed?

The French National Agricultural Research Institute, INRA (Institut National de Recherche Agronomique), has revealed the results of one of its latest research projects: currently available techniques cannot detect if a cow has been fed with genetically modified organisms, such as ...[more]

[20/02/2009] [FR] AFSSA clears MON810, but the ban remains

In a report published by 'Le Figaro' on February 11, 2009, the Agence française de securité sanitaire des aliments (AFSSA) has declared the genetically modified maize MON810 to be safe to health. The French government stated its intention nonetheless to retain the current ban on the cultivation of Bt maize ...[more]

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