[02/12/2008] [NL] Greenpeace: consumers know nothing about GM food

On October 23rd, Herman van Bekkem of Greenpeace Netherlands reacts in the Dutch newsletter Trouw on the results of the EU project Consumer Choice. Van Bekkem says that the results suggest that consumers have no problems with GM food. But he believe that when buyers don´t look at the adhesive label, it ...[more]

[31/10/2008] [NL] Agreement on fund to compensate for losses

In July 2008, the partners of the Dutch Co-existence Agreement agreed on a fund to compensate for losses due to unwanted admixture with GM material. The partners, the Ministry of Agriculture, Biologica (organic farming and food), Plantum NL (seed producers), LTO (farmers’ organisation) and NAV (Dutch Agricultural ...[more]

[31/10/2008] [NL] GM soy in organic mash

The General Inspection Service of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture found in an analysis that 18% of organic mash samples contained GM material. Of 62 samples taken in 2006 and 2007, 18% contained GM soy, but under the EU agreed 0.9% GMO threshold. Two samples contained more than 0.9% GM soy and were not labelled as GM, while this is ...[more]

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