GMO Planting

Genetically modified plants in Greece

No genetically modified plants have been authorised for commercial cultivation in Greece. The Greek government placed a ban on the GM maize event MON810, despite its authorisation by the European Commission. In response to pressure from the European Commission, Greece lifted the ban in January 2006, but retaliated by immediately imposing a new ban covering 14 additional varieties.

Based on article 3(10) of regulation 178/2002/EC on the protection of health and environment and based on the Greek constitution article 24 on social rights, Greece enacted on March 29, 2006 a safeguard clause against the marketing of the genetically modified maize MON810.

Regional GMO-free zones cover all of Greece.

Field trials have been conducted on GM tomatoes and GM cotton.

Regional Co-extra reporter /rapporteur:
  • Giorgos Sakellaris
    NHRF, Institute of Biological Research & Biotechnology
    48, V. Constantinou Ave., 116 35 Athens, Greece
    Phone: +30-2-1-0-7273-735

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