GMO Planting

Genetically modified plants in Croatia

Accession negotiations between Croatia and the EU have just begun. This situation is reflected in the country’s developing attitudes towards genetically modified plants and co-existence: while in the past GMOs were largely ignored in Croatia, the country may now become more open to cultivating GMOs.

Commercial cultivation

No genetically modified plants are grown commercially in Croatia.

Field trials

There have been no field trials with genetically modified plants in Croatia.

Authorised genetically modified plants

No approvals have been granted for genetically modified plants. Some consider the current legislation a de facto ban. The implementation of the adopted act on genetically modified organisms will shed more light on whether or not this is will be changing.

Regional Co-extra reporter /rapporteur:
  • Dr. Mojca Milavec
    Department of plant physiology and biotechnology National institute of biology
    Vecna pot 111, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Phone: +386 1 42 33 388
    Fax: +386 1 25 73 847

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