GMO Planting

Genetically modified plants in Italy

There is no commercial cultivation of genetically modified crops in Italy, but many field trials with  GM crops have been approved, the most recent of these being for tomato, eggplant and lemon.

Commercial cultivation

No GM plants are being grown commercially in Italy. This may change only after the Ministry of Agriculture validates regional co-existence plans, which is not expected before Spring 2007.

At present, the competent authority has no information concerning the creation of regional public registers regarding the location of cultivated GMOs.

Field trials

A wide range of GM crops has been approved for field trials: tomato, maize, potato, eggplant, rice, olive, strawberry, lemon, kiwi, raspberry, colza, wheat, and lettuce. From 1999 until December 2004 there were 279 deliberate releases of GM plants. Since 2003, there have been only three applications for the deliberate release of GMOs in Italy.

All applications for field trials with GMOs in Italy can be found in the BVL register.

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