[SI] National draft legislation in notification

In December 2006, the draft of the Slovene Act on the co-existence of genetically modified plants with other agricultural plants was sent for notification to the European Commission and to other Member States.

The draft Act lays down a legal framework for the regulation of the co-existence of different farming methods in Slovenia: the cultivation of genetically modified agricultural plants, conventional cultivation and organic cultivation.  

In order to ensure co-existence and to prevent the accidental presence of GMOs in other products, the draft Act establishes several new systems: these include the issuing of licences for the cultivation of GMOs, a system of registration of producers of GM plants and distributors of GM seed material, and a system for informing neighbouring producers. The draft Act establishes the obligations with which producers of GMOs must comply, as well as the measures that they must undertake, to ensure co-existence. It enables the determination, on a voluntary basis, of areas for the cultivation of GMOs and areas free of GMOs.

For damage that may arise as a result of the presence of GMOs in the products of other producers, the draft Act imposes liability on the person who violates the regulations. Also, in the event of loss of income resulting from the accidental presence of GMOs in conventional or organic fields and products, the draft establishes a system of compensation.

The draft Act prescribes a system of monitoring of co-existence, establishes inspection and supervision of the implementation of the Act, and lays down penalties for those who violate the Act.

The draft Act gives the Slovenian Government the competence to adopt technical regulations that define more detailed measures for ensuring co-existence: for example, the width of buffer zones and the compulsory alternation of crops for individual varieties of agricultural plants.


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