[ES] Ministry of Agriculture proposes tight rules

The draft of the Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA) on co-existence of GMO and GMO-free cultivations details even stricter rules than recommended in a report requested from scientific experts in the Bio-Surveillance Commission.  The latest draft by MAPA obliges a minimum isolation distance of 220 metres for maize, exceeding the proposal in the report mentioned above.

Supported by scientific evidence, the report of the Bio-Surveillance Commission indicates that a distance of 20 to 25 metres (or four to six rows of conventional maize) is enough for the adventitious presence of GMO to fall below the labelling threshold of 0.9 percent.

In July 2005, MAPA presented the first version of a draft on co-existence of GM maize. This draft remained essentially the same in the second version, except that the isolation distance was extended from 50 to 220 metres.



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