[ES] Junta of Castilla y León has inspected GM food labelling

In June 2006, the Junta of Castilla y León conducted inspections of labelling, and composition, of food products containing GMOs. Carried out by the Health Department, the operation forms part of a national campaign designed by the Spanish autonomous regions and the central Government. Participating regions include Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha and Catalonia.

Inspectors focused on foods containing soy.
Inspectors focused on foods containing soy.
Inspectors from the General Direction of Public Health and Consumption of the regional Government focused their action on any marketed foods containing an individual GMO or a combination of GMOs.

This initiative included mainly foods containing soy. Forty-three sites were visited, including wholesalers, packers, and importers, as well as regional retailers of these products.

This market monitoring campaign of the Junta of Castilla-León on labelling verification was complemented with product sampling. Compositions were analysed by the corresponding official laboratories.

In the sixteen food products sampled and inspected, the scarce existence of GMOs was verified.

Results of the inspections:

  • 80 actions were carried out;
  • on 49 occasions the inspection was passed, since no infractions of the regulation were observed;
  • on 18 occasions warnings were pronounced, due to negligable infractions which do not require the immediate inception of an expedient penalty. Fulfilment of the warnings will be verified in subsequent visits by the Inspection of Consumption; and
  • on 3 occasions, sanctions were initiated.


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