[ES] Andalusians want more information on GMOs

The Consumers Union of Andalusia (UCA) has conducted a survey to investigate consumers’ perceptions of genetically modified foods. According to the survey, 80 percent of Andalusians wish more information on GMOs and the opposition towards GM food is surprisingly low.

The poll revealed that Andalusians have neither a solid nor consolidated opinion on genetically modified foods. The UCA emphasised that consumers’ knowledge on this topic also is very limited and that the general public, therefore, is unsure in its opinions. Approximately one third of consumers do not associate the terms “transgenic” and “genetically modified”, and 80 percent wish more information on this topic.

The survey also showed that citizens have few worries about products derived from biotechnology. Although half of interviewees expressed distrust of GM products, this finding was significantly less than originally expected. According to the poll, many Andalusian consumers also are not used to reading product labels: 16 percent never read them, 22 percent read sometimes, and only one third claimed to read labels depending on the product they wish to buy.


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