[UK] Consultation on proposals for managing co-existence

Defra has issued a consultation paper to seek people’s views on proposed co-existence measures for England and on related issues. The deadline for responses to the consultation is 20 October 2006.

Consultation on co-existence regulation runs until 20 October 2006.
Consultation on co-existence regulation runs until 20 October 2006.
Once GM crops are grown in the UK, farmers may need to apply measures to ensure that they can co-exist with non-GM production. The aim will be to minimise unwanted mixing of GM and non-GM crops, and thereby to ensure that producers and consumers can choose between GM, conventional and organic products. The proposed measures relate to crop production, but not to seed production.

The consultation paper proposes

  • legally binding separation distances
  • addional voluntary measures resulting from discussion with all stakeholders - for example, measures for the management of volunteer crops and for the cleaning of harvesters
  • monitoring the effectiveness of the co-existence regime, as well as a review after two to three years.

The paper also discusses further issues: for example, cases possibly requiring lower labelling thresholds than 0.9 percent; or, costs resulting from co-existence.

General opposition to the EC approaches and to UK-proposed measures for co-existence has been expressed by NGOs and organic farming organisations, who claim that these will lead to GMO contamination of all foods and, therefore, will deny people the freedom of choice.


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