[NL] Biologica: “GMO threatens organic agriculture”

In December 2007, the Dutch potato starch company AVEBE was issued a permit for the introduction of genetically modified potatoes into the environment. Biologica, the Dutch umbrella organisation for organic farming and food, has objected to this permit. The cultivation of GMOs would threaten organic agriculture, because no agreements have been made for coexistence.

Biologica director Bert van Ruitenbeek in the Agricultural Journal: “We agreed on that the coexistence measures would also concern field tests, but we are still negotiating about agreements on coexistence. That is why there are not yet any rules regarding the coexistence of GMO field trials and organic and conventional agriculture. Despite that, a permit has been issued for a field trial at the size of commercial cultivation, without extra conditions to protect organic farmers against mixing or other consequences. This is unacceptable because this endangers the production and sale of organic products.”


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