[NL] GM soy in organic mash

The General Inspection Service of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture found in an analysis that 18% of organic mash samples contained GM material. Of 62 samples taken in 2006 and 2007, 18% contained GM soy, but under the EU agreed 0.9% GMO threshold. Two samples contained more than 0.9% GM soy and were not labelled as GM, while this is not allowed according to European labelling guidelines. These two samples were taken from mash based on soy, while the mash of the other contaminated samples was not based on soy. Further research pointed out that all cases of GM admixture were unintended.

The Ministry will take the following measures in order to guarantee freedom of choice:

  • The General Inspection Service and the Dutch Food Safety Authority will map the risks for admixture with GM material in (organic) feed companies this fall, and will take stock of the possibilities to control these risks. The results will be shared with the feed chain, so they can take the appropriate measures.
  • It is unclear how European labelling guidelines should be interpreted if GM material is found in the raw material for feed that wasn´t added deliberately by the feed producer. The Minister has raised this issue at the Standing Committee for Food and Feed. The European Commission said it would react this fall.
  • The Institute of Food Safety (RIKILT) will start further research on the possibilities to more precisely quantify the presence of GM material in mash. The results can contribute to further consolidation of the preservation of the European GM labelling guidelines.

More information: Letter from Ministry of Agriculture (in Dutch)


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