[NL] Agreement on fund to compensate for losses

In July 2008, the partners of the Dutch Co-existence Agreement agreed on a fund to compensate for losses due to unwanted admixture with GM material. The partners, the Ministry of Agriculture, Biologica (organic farming and food), Plantum NL (seed producers), LTO (farmers’ organisation) and NAV (Dutch Agricultural Trade Union), signed the Co-existence Agreement in 2004, but further research and negotiations were necessary before the fund could be established. The Agreement also includes separation distances, the process for notifying GM cultivation and measures to avoid admixture.

The fund:

  • Will compensate for economic losses due to admixture at farm level, for which no one can be held accountable;
  • Consists of costs for equipment, necessary for control and execution, and  determining from where payment will  be made in case of compensation;
  • Is exclusively meant to compensate for losses at farm level, and for losses that can be traced back to farm level;
  • Consists of three parts for maize, potato and sugar beet;
  • Will be evaluated three years after the first commercial cultivation of GM crops begins.

Different sources will contribute to the fund. Costs for equipment will be compensated by the product boards and costs for potato and maize will be compensated by private companies. Who will cover costs for sugar beet has not been decided yet.

Monitoring will focus on companies marked ‘unsafe’ after risk analysis in order to prevent admixture further on down the chain. A separate process will be set up for that.

More information: Letter from the Ministry of Agriculture (in Dutch)


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