[NL] Greenpeace: consumers know nothing about GM food

On October 23rd, Herman van Bekkem of Greenpeace Netherlands reacts in the Dutch newsletter Trouw on the results of the EU project Consumer Choice. Van Bekkem says that the results suggest that consumers have no problems with GM food. But he believe that when buyers don´t look at the adhesive label, it does not necessarily mean they don´t mind genetic modification.

In the Dutch supermarkets are now 19 GM products available. Consumers are hardly confronted with GM, so it is obvious that they don´t look at the adhesive label, according to Van Bekkem. Furthermore, if a GM product is labeled GM, it is written so small, people can hardly read it. Van Bekkem proposes to take an example of the German government, that recently allowed labeling of animal products that were produced without GM.

He concludes his elucidation with the statement that GM crops are still not healthier, more environment friendly or more profitable.

The complete version of his reaction is available in Dutch.


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