[NL] Discussion of unauthorised GMOs to take place in the Netherlands

The Dutch Ministry of Agriculture has responded to a document outlining the scientific and legal difficulties of addressing unauthorised GMOs with a new research impulse for GMO detection.

In a document submitted to the national House of Representatives, the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture has announced the promotion of international collaboration and research on detection methods for unauthorised GMOs.
The ministerial statement followed a report released by the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). The RIVM had acknowledged the possibility of detection of unauthorised GMOs and drew attention to the complicated legal implications of such detection.
Responsive measures to unauthorised material also are made difficult by the fact that current methods may reveal the general presence of GMOs but may be unable to identify them with absolute specificity. The Ministry of Agriculture aims to address this problem by stimulating research on new and more precise detection methods while promoting international co-operation in this field.