[AT] Upper Austria enacts Biotechnology Precautionary Bill

The Biotechnology Precautionary Bill came into force on 7 July 2006 in Upper Austria - the eighth out of nine Austrian federal states. Only the state of Vorarlberg continues to do without a special law.

Flag of Upper Austria
Flag of Upper Austria
In Upper Austria, the Biotechnology Precautionary Bill defines a number of requirements for farmers wishing to grow genetically modified crops. According to the new legislation, farmers need authorisation to cultivate genetically modified crops, and must register affected parcels with a public site, the Upper Austrian Gene Technology Book. Farmers must also maintain separation distances, although these are not detailed in the bill. Furthermore, farmers are liable for their neighbours' potential economic losses if, due to admixing of genetically modified plants, these neighbours must sell their harvests at lower prices. Breaches of the bill may result in fines of up to 20,000 euros.


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