[AT] Field visits in Vorarlberg

In a press release, Erich Schwärzler (ÖVP), member for agriculture in the Austrian federal state government of Vorarlberg, announced that randomly selected agricultural areas will be analysed for the presence of GMOs during the next weeks.

Flag of Vorarlberg
Flag of Vorarlberg
These visits are aimed at maintaining Vorarlberg's agriculture free of GM plants this year, according to Schwärzler. He called on farmers to use only GM-free seeds, and to demand that seed retailers guarantee their products to be free of GMOs.

Vorarlberg is the only Austrian federal state that has not passed a Biotechnology Precautionary Bill. The cultivation of genetically modified crops is covered by state regulations, and a state law on environmental protection and rural development generally prohibits the sowing of genetically modified seeds. Currently, there is no exception to that rule in Vorarlberg.


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