[DE] Food industry: labelling regulations are obeyed

In Germany, the food industry largely complies with labelling regulations on GMOs. This is the conclusion of recently published results from public food surveillance in 2004 and 2005.

GM labelling regulations are obeyed
GM labelling regulations are obeyed
Food surveillance in Germany is the responsibility of the federal states. During inspections, state authorities check whether food producers are complying with regulations on the labelling of GMOs. Searching for genetically modified contents, they focus on the analysis of foods with ingredients made of soy or maize. Several thousand foods are analysed each year.

The results show that food producers largely obey labelling regulations. Few foods without GM labelling exceeded the threshold of 0.9 percent and infringed regulations. These foods were removed from the market. A comparison of inspections of previous years shows a decrease in the number of infringements of the labelling directive.

For 2005, monitoring results are available for six federal states. Among 2,164 samples, food inspectors found 13 cases containing a GMO share above the labelling threshold of 0.9 percent. In 354 samples, they found traces of GMOs below the labelling threshold. Among 15 to 30 percent of foods containing soy (this figure varied for each state), low amounts of genetically modified soy beans were found, remaining below the labelling threshold. Among all foods containing maize, traces of genetically modified maize were found in about ten percent.

In 2004, 3,639 samples were analysed in 13 federal states. The authorities found 19 cases in which the share of GMO exceeded the labelling threshold. 290 samples contained traces of genetically modified ingredients.

A compilation of the current inspection results of the individual states is available in German language at TransGen.


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