[DE] Frying oil from GM soybeans: wholesaler must divulge client list

A wholesaler trading in oils produced from genetically modified soybeans must allow food surveillance authorities access to its list of buyers. This decision was made by the administrative court in Berlin, which thereby dismissed a suit filed by the wholesaler. In order to inspect the correct labelling of foods prepared with this oil in restaurants and takeaways, the official food surveillance agency had demanded access to the list of wholesale clients.

Under reference to trade secrecy, the wholesaler had refused disclosure of its buyers. The court dismissed this claim, arguing that delivery records are necessary for on-site appraisal of labelling according to given requirements. Neither uncooked oil nor cooked meals prepared with oil can be tested to determine origin from conventional or from GM soybeans. The wholesaler has lodged a complaint against the ruling of the administrative court in Berlin.


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