Traceability measures

Traceability and labelling

In France, both labelling and traceability are regulated by the corresponding EU Directive. Food inspections in 2005 found no infringements.

Results from food inspections

On 11 October 2006, the administration for competition, consumption and frauds released its 2005 report on food inspections. In 2005, 69 products were tested for genetically modified organisms (GMO). In 17 samples, traces of GMOs were found, the amount always below the labelling threshold of 0.9 percent.

In France, only a few laboratories are in charge of GMO testing. To reduce costs and risks, the analyses are conducted at early stages of the food production chain.

Unapproved genetically modified organisms

In 2006, the unapproved GM rice LL601 was found in several European countries, France being among them. All affected product charges were immediately removed from the market.

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