Traceability measures

Traceability and labelling

In Croatia, the labelling of products containing GMOs is obligatory, according to the Consumer Protection Act, and the EU threshold for labelling was adopted in the Decree on thresholds. Traceability of GMOs will be ensured by the implementation of the planned Genetically Modified Organisms Act.

The Consumer Protection Act

The labelling of GM foods is regulated by the Consumer Protection Act, which came into force on 18 June 2003 and which is implemented by the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship. Requirements for explaining the content of foods are described by Article 17 and, among other labelling measures, manufacturers must inform consumers if products contain genetically modified organisms or ingredients derived thereof. Specific declarations for specific products will be defined by other by-laws, according to the Act.

A regulation on the labelling threshold of GMOs was adopted in 2004, pursuant to the Nature Protection Act. Products containing adventitious or technically unavoidable traces of authorised genetically modified organisms below 0.9 percent of each ingredient do not require to be labelled as products containing genetically modified organisms.

An Ordinance detailing the laboratory requirements for testing, controlling, and monitoring of GMOs and products containing GMOs was adopted in 2004, pursuant to the Nature Protection Act. In the Ordinance, conditions are established as they are to be fulfilled by laboratories in relation to the premises, equipment and workers' qualifications for the testing, controlling and monitoring of GMOs and of products containing GMOs.

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