From: 05/02/2008 until: 08/02/2008

Co-Extra Annual Meeting

The EU Member States are progressing in their development of national regulatory approaches to co-existence. However, the state of development still varies widely among the Member States and stakeholders in the food and feed supply chains are seeking practical and economic measures to ensure the segregation and traceability of GM and non-GM product lines.

To support the scientific base of the technical and legal measures that ensure co-existence and traceability, the EU Commission is funding the projects Co-Extra, Sigmea and Transcontainer. The researchers participating in these projects believe that it is important to communicate the new insights gained to stakeholders and also to listen to their views.

Knowing that this dialogue is essential to decisions upon the most appropriate way forward on this important issue, the open session therefore intends to bring together policy makers, scientists and a broad range of stakeholders including farmers’ and consumers’ associations, seed producers, importers and food and feed processors.

The presentations and discussions will focus, for example, on new methods to prevent the admixture of GM to non-GM crops and on appropriate approaches to the cost-effective organisation of supply chains. The political and legal aspects of co-existence as well as economic approaches to co-existence also will be topics of the Open Session of Co-Extra.
Representatives of SIGMEA and Transcontainer research programs will provide you with an overview of the data of these former and current programs while Pr. B. Koch, author for the EC of a report on legal issues raised by coexistence, will summarize his team’s work.

Therefore, you are kindly invited to contribute and participate to the Open Session of Co-Extra on February 7th, taking place on the occasion of the Co-Extra Annual Meeting 2008 at Central Science Laboratory, Sand Hutton, UK - York. You are also invited, as observer, to attend the General assembly meeting to be held at the same location on February 6th. You will find hereunder the agenda of the Open Session, the corresponding registration form and information on location and accommodation in York, UK.

Please note that registration will be closed by 18. January 2008.

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Location: Central Science Laboratory (CSL – DEFRA), York, UK
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