From: 20/02/2008 until: 22/02/2008

16th session of the Eurofins International Seminar

Today biotechnology development is moving towards new food products addressing health, safety, and nutrition. Such products will co-exist with traditional and organic products. Therefore, handling and managing such systems will require multidisciplinary competences and expertise.
The aim of the annual symposium from now on is to cover all these topics and provide delegates with an update on recent developments in analytical expertise in seed, feed and food safety.

The conference will address, among others, the following topics:

  • Broad global overview on GMOs and co-existence. Dr. Yves Bertheau, INRA, France
  • GM and non-GM supply chains co-existence: outcome of the Business Meeting held in Brussels, december 2007, by the GM Free Regions European Network. M. Renaud Layadi, project manager, on behalf of the European Committee of Regions, France
  • GM crops in Argentina: overview of the regulatory framework, present status and challenges. Dr. Moisés Burachik, General Coord. of Biotechnology Office, Secretary of Agriculture, Argentina
  • Cultivation, regulation and detection of genes stacked GMOs. Dr. Nina Papazova, ILVO, Belgium
  • Towards DNA copy number ratios as GM quantification units. Dr. Philippe Corbisier, IRMM, France Strategies to manage segregation and co-existence of GM and non-GM products in the feed chain. Dr. Gryson, University College of Ghent, Belgium
  • Co-existence of genetically modified and Identity-Preserved corn: the producer's point of view. M. Kenneth McCauley, National Corn Growers Association (NCGA), USA
  • Recent data for Europe reflecting the attitudes of consumers, stakeholders, media and public administration towards the use of GMOs and co-existence. M. George Sakellaris, Institute of Biotechnology of the National Greek Research Foundation, Greece
  • The position of the european organic farming movement, experiences of GM contamination, economic impacts. Ms. Gundula Azeez, Soil Association, UK
  • Synthesis of the recent workshop "Risk and cost benefit analysis of traceability in the agri-food chain", 13-14 dec 07, Ispra (JRC). M. Paolo Pizziol, Institute for Health and Consumer Protection, JRC, Italy
  • Sampling for GMO and mycotoxin analysis along the food and feed production and supply chain. Dr. Marina Miraglia, National Centre for Food Quality and Risk Assessment , Italian National Institute for Health (ISS), Italy
  • GM rice: the challenges affecting the US rice industry and stewardship solutions for assuring non-GM rice exports. M. Bob Cummings, USA Rice Federation, USA

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Location: Paris, France
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