From: 24/04/2008 until: 25/04/2008

Workshop on Post Market Environmental Monitoring of Genetically Modified Plants - From Data to Conclusions – Next Steps towards Monitoring Practice

Current monitoring activities, especially General Surveillance (GS) as part of the post-market environmental monitoring (PMEM), are still far from routine. Planning of GS still needs clarification of objectives, tasks, responsibilities and coordination.

The third PMEM Workshop will deal with concepts for the collation, analysis and sharing of monitoring data. The following concepts of the monitoring approach: (i) gathering focussed data (e.g. questionnaires), (ii) identifying existing surveillance systems for suitable non-focussed information, (iii) data-recall facilities (summarized by meta-analysis) and the coordination of data collation and reporting (e.g. by a central reporting office) shall be discussed during the workshop.

Key topics are:

  • Meta-analysis of data: tools, methodologies, examples
  • What kind of data will lead to appropriate information? What data do we need? How to distinguish between usual and unusual variability?
  • General Surveillance addressing long term effects and multiple events
  • Concepts and necessity for a Central Reporting Office, responsibilities and tasks

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Location: Julius Kuehn-Institute / Berlin-Dahlem, Germany
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