From: 24/08/2008 until: 27/08/2008

ABIC2008 Conference: "Agricultural biotechnology for a competitive and sustainable future"

The theme for ABIC 2008 will be "Agricultural Biotechnology for a competitive and sustainable future." At a time when global agricultural faces significant challenges, an in depth discussion of how agbiotech can influence the sustainability of global agriculture while maintaining competitiveness is both timely and necessary.

Present session themes include (among others):

  • Agbiotech: The sustainability challenge facing society (plenary sessions)
  • Coexistence in agricultural supply chains
  • The role of agbiotech innovation for national and international competitiveness
  • Biofuels and bioenergy biotechnology research
  • Seed and reproductive biotechnology
  • Molecular pharming in plants and animals
  • Developments in plant genetic transformation
  • Functional foods, nutrition, nutraceuticals and bioactives

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Location: University College, Cork, Ireland
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