From: 23/04/2008 until: 24/04/2008

Workshop on sampling for GMO traceability in the agri-food and feed chain

This two-day workshop aims at addressing  the issue of the appropriate and effective sampling for GMOs analysis in terms of description of the current state of knowledge, existing gaps, preliminary Co-Extra results and future recommendations under the “fit for purpose” approach.

The key focus of the meeting will be on:

  • giving an overview of sampling strategies actually in place in the EU;
  • illustrating sampling activities and first outcomes of the Co-Extra project;
  • identifying needs and difficulties usually experienced during sampling by stakeholders for compliance to GMOs labeling and traceability at the most representative levels of  the supply chain;
  • learning from Competent Authorities about sampling procedures actually in place for GMO official control.

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Location: National Institute of Health (ISS) Rome–Italy
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