From: 24/04/2009 until: 25/04/2009

Food and Democracy - 5th European Conference on GMO-free Regions

The 5th European Conference on GMO-free Regions to be held in Lucerne in 2009 continues a series of annual meetings.

The conferences serve as networking occasion for institutions and organisations within the European movement of GMO-free Regions.

The main theme at the heart of the 5th meeting in Lucerne is the clear demand coming from European citizens for GMO-free agriculture and GMO-free food. The event offers a platform for farmers organisations as well as consumers, environmental and animal welfare associations.

With a view to consolidating and expanding results and successes obtained in the past years, the 5th European Conference will further elaborate concepts and strategies to achieve a GMO-free European agriculture.

Read the concept paper.

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Location: Lucerne, Switzerland
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