From: 20/09/2006 until: 20/09/2006

Ethical Traceability in the Food Chain

This conference deals with traceability as an instrument to communicate on the histories about food that we usually do not hear about. Special attention will be on the ethics in the food chain. Apart from labelling schemes, producers and consumer organisations also use the internet to inform customers about the ethical values of food products. In the future, intelligent packaging and ICT are expected to make personalised and up-to-date information on provenance and other ethical concerns easily accessible to consumers, expanding interactive communication between producers, retailers and consumers in the food chain.

The conference includes 3 sessions:

  1. Consumers: informed ethical choice and food for democracies
  2. Food authorities: ethical responsibility in the food chain
  3. Producers/retailers: ethical traceability in the food production chain

The conference addresses politicians, consumer- retailer- and producer organisations, food companies, packaging companies, food authorities, food researchers.

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Location: Brussels, Belgium
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