From: 22/02/2007 until: 23/02/2007

15th Eurofins International Seminar

Global overviews on sensitive topics will be presented by outstanding expert speakers to underscore major evolutions, improvements and achievements in seed, feed and foodstuff safety and biotechnology.
More than 20 conferences about GMOs and co-existence, contaminants and residues, regulations, research and development, nutrition and consumer health will take place to cover all key aspects relevant to supply chain stakeholders.
Attendees will share knowledge and exchange information about latest achievements and innovations in safety management systems at pre-farm and food/feed processed products.
For the first time the program will be addressing the special situations of GMOs development in Russia and South America in addition to the yearly update on Europe, America, Pacific and Asia.
Specific conferences for emerging risks and related issues will also cover mycotoxins and dioxins.

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Location: Paris, France
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