From: 19/04/2007 until: 20/04/2007

GMO-free Regions Conference 2007

The 3rd International Conference on GMO-Free Regions, Biodiversity and Rural Development will bring together representatives from GMO free regional governments and municipalities, from farmers, consumers, environmental and other organisations active in the field of GMO-free agriculture and the self-determination of regions.

This year's conference will focus on three major topics:

  • The state of national, regional and EU legislation on approvals, risks, liabilities and the eventual co-existence of GMO and GMO free agriculture and horticulture.
  • The erosion of biodiversity, independent farming, and regional quality food production arising from the exclusive control of seed by fewer and fewer companies.
  • The challenges for rural development, biodiversity, food culture and food security arising from the global competition between food and fuel production.

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Location: Brussels, Belgium
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