From: 24/06/2007 until: 28/06/2007

International Pollination Symposium 2007

The 9th International Pollination Symposium on "Plant-Pollinator Relationships - Diversity in Action", will be hosted in Ames, Iowa, on June 24-28, 2007. The theme and the sub-theme topics include a variety of areas that relate to gene flow, transgenes, mating system dynamics, molecular and statistical genetic advances, conservation of plant genetic resources as well as pollinators, gene bank management, and a variety of molecular methodologies utilising a broad base of genetic information.

  • Sub-theme I: Floral Characteristics - Attraction and Rewards
  • Sub-theme II: Impacts of Animal-Mediated Pollination on Gene Flow
  • Sub-theme III: Pollinators in Plant Genetic Resource Conservation & Enclosed Production Systems
  • Sub-theme IV: Pollinator Biology, Conservation & Protection
This Symposium is under the auspices of the International Commission for Plant-Bee Relationships (I.C.P.B.R.).

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Location: Ames, Iowa, USA
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