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Public Deliverables of the Co-Extra project

In the course of the project, the Co-Extra partners have written numerous deliverables dealing, for example, with gene flow mitigation, with GMO detection and sampling techniques and with the legal as well as the social implications of Coexistence and Traceability with regard to GM and non-GM supply chains. Whilst some deliverables are confidential and restricted to project participants and the European Commission, all public deliverables may be downloaded from the links below. Any member of the public may register to download these deliverables.

WP1: Biological Approaches For Gene Flow Mitigation

WP3: Economic Costs And Benefits Of Traceability And Coexistence

WP4: Development Of Testing And Sampling Approaches

WP5: Development of cost-effective and fit-for-purpose methods and tools for detection of GMO plant taxa and controls.

WP6: Technical challenges of GMO detection, including the development of new techniques for detection of unknown GMOs and stacked genes.

WP7: Integration of project results with respect to legal, scientific, social and ethical issues

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