FSA survey shows a drop in concern about GM ingredients in foods

On February 24, 2008, the UK Government Food  Standards Agency (FSA) published the 8th annual Survey of Consumer Attitudes to Food. Compared to the poll in 2006, the latest survey shows a decrease from 25 to 20 per cent with regard to consumers’ considering GMOs to be a food safety issue. Worry over other issues, such as food poisoning and additives, also displayed a downward trend.

Less than 3 per cent of respondents spontaneously identified GM ingredients as a concern. When directly asked, 20 per cent of respondents considered GM foods to be a food safety issue. More frequently, 50 per cent of people referred to salt, 40 per cent to fats and 39 per cent to sugar in foods as worrying. This was followed by 32 per cent citing the use of pesticides to grow food and 28 per cent referring to hormones in meat.