ISTA Seminar on GMO Seed Testing: Presentations available online

Acknowledging the growing demand for specific GMO testing, the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) conducted a seminar on June 16, 2008 that provided up-to-date information regarding the overall situation of specified trait testing in seeds. ISTA pursues the goal of uniformity in seed testing world wide. The seminar presentations now are available online.

The seminar addressed important topics with regard to the political and technical context of specified trait testing in seeds. Particular attention was paid to aspects of international trade, to the question of coexistence in Europe and to situations in countries involved in the cultivation of GM seed.

In the second part of the event, technical information and training were provided with regard to detection methods and with a focus on the establishment of appropriate testing plans. Software tools supporting the design and evaluation of GMO tests also were presented. The seminar concluded with an overview of the progress within the ISTA GMO task force as well as of related conclusions.

As experts in their fields, speakers were invited from the private and the public sectors, from universities and from seed companies. The coordinator of the EU research project Co-Extra, Yves Bertheau (INRA), presented an overview of the goals and status quo of this project. The Seminar was organised by the ISTA GMO Task Force in conjunction with the ISTA Annual Meeting 2008.

Seminar presentations:

  • Patricia Raubo
    Senior Executive
    International Seed Testing Association (ISTA)