Impact report on GMs pending EU authorisation

An analysis report on the impact of GMs pending EU authorisation in the feed and livestock sectors was recently conducted by Cardy-Brown Co Ltd on behalf of FEFAC, COCERAL and UECBV.

The report discusses Europe's status as a soybean meal and soybean importer and how the current situation of European restriction on the importation of GM soybean and foodstuffs will affect the livestock industry. The EU zero tolerance for GM maize derivatives and GM soybean meal has created a cost impact in the feed and meat industries. This could only be recovered by allowing the approval and influx of GM foodstuffs which are already being used around the world. The scenario in 2008/2009 estimates that the European livestock industry will be uncompetitive with the rest of the world. This will result in increased meat imports which have been fed  GM products that have not yet been approved in the EU. 

The report can be accessed at: European Feed Manufactures' Federation (FEFAC)