Scandinavia: Tighter labelling of GMOs and GMO-free zones demanded

Concerned that too little is known about the affects of GM food and GM feed on humans and animals, the Nordic Council in Helsinki has agreed that Nordic governments should tighten GM labelling regulations and create GMO-free zones.

It is believed that by setting up GMO-free zones in the Nordic countries, the region could gain a competitive advantage by producing organic products. Nordic consumers would also be able to make conscious consumer choices, as long as the products they buy are properly labelled.

"Labelling must be tightened" said Finnish Ville Niinistö, chair of the Citizens’ and Consumers Committee.  Consumers think there is not enough knowledge on whether animals fed with GM feed are affected by their diet or not, nor whether people are affected by eating food derived from animals that have eaten GM feed. They want to have the chance to avoid such products. In this context the Council pointed out that that food made from GMOs or containing GMOs is labelled, but food such as eggs, meat and milk from animals that have eaten GM feed is not labelled.

Source: Nordic Council