Coexistence of GM and non-GM crops in Australia

Introduction of GM canola and cotton varieties into the Australian supply chain will not create significantly more work for the industry, but may require expansion of existing sampling and testing procedures, a report says.

A report entitled Maintaining product integrity in the Australian seed and grain supply chain – the role of sampling and testing for GM events has just been released by the Australian Bureau of Rural Sciences (BRS).  The report provides advice on current sampling and testing capabilities and future sampling and testing needs for managing the adventitious presence of GMOs in non-GM seed and grain. Potential sampling and testing screening packages for GM events at several points along the supply chain have been developed.
BRS Executive Director Karen Schneider said, “Industry routinely performs sampling and testing of seed and grain for quality attributes such as oil or protein content. Adding extra tests for the presence of approved GM organisms in non-GM seed or grain is unlikely to impose significant extra burden.”