GMO-Compass Launches Online Discourse

What lies in the future for GM crops in Europe? Speak your mind and exchange thoughts with experts in an online discourse on the co-existence of genetically modified crops with conventional and organic farming. GMO-Compass is hosting an online discourse to promote objective debate on co-existence with genetically modified crops.

What will be the fate of genetically modified crops in Europe? What will it take to transform the idea of co-existence between genetically modified plants and conventional crops into a reality?

GMO-Compass, the online guide to the world of genetically modified plants and food, is hosting an online discourse to get to the heart of these critical questions.

The online discourse, hosted at, will open its forum to the public on September 11th and will remain open until October 8th. All interested users are invited to share their comments, arguments, and perspectives regarding co-existence and GMOs.

The GMO-Compass editorial board, a team of independent science journalists, is launching the online forum to foster informed debate on GMOs and co-existence. As a catalyst for discussion, the editorial board is offering a series of potential co-existence scenarios accompanied with commentary from experts in the field. The future scenarios and expert views will serve as a foundation for responses from the public.

Registration begins in August

Those wishing to take an active role in the online discourse can register for participation as early as August 8th by filling out a simple form, which will soon be available at By entering your name, e-mail address, and if desired, institution, you gain a voice in a public debate among scientific experts as well as the interested public. E-mail addresses will remain confidential. Users simply wishing to read along may view the forum without having to register.

About GMO-Compass

GMO-Compass is an independent online information source designed to give consumers facts on the potential risks and benefits associated with growing genetically modified crops. Funded by the European Commission, the site aims to promote informed debate on GMOs. At GMO-Compass, users can access the GMO database, which contains every GMO approval application submitted in the European Union. All available documentation on each GMO awaiting or granted approval is made available, including descriptions of ongoing or completed safety research. Users can also find information about where GMOs are planted, what benefits they can offer, what risks could be involved, how they are regulated, and what is being done to enable their co-existence with conventional crops.

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