LLRice601: new test kit available

In ten minutes, LL Rice 601 may be detected in presences above two percent.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) officially confirmed the viability of a new test kit sensitive to Liberty Link (LL) Rice 601, an unapproved GM product. The test takes ten minutes to complete. LLRice 601 was originally developed by the CropScience unit of the Bayer AG.

Upon trace findings in Arkansas and Missouri of the LLRice 601 trait in rice reserves, and due to European test requirements, US rice exports had been placed in danger. The Department of Agriculture responded by announcing the viability of the strip kit which, within ten minutes, identifies the particular LLRice 601 protein at, or above, a threshold of two percent.

Strategic Diagnostics, Inc., had applied for the evaluation of this test kit by the GIPSA Rapid Test Performance Evaluation Program.