French authorities find another unauthorised GM rice

In France, authorities recently found the GM rice event LL62 in US imports of long-grain rice and notified the European rapid alert system.

Similar to the illegal GM rice LL601, which has been found in several EU countries in the last two months, LL62 has not been approved in the EU – despite Bayer having applied three years ago for its deregulation. Consequently, while approved in the USA and Canada, no traces of this rice are allowed in products traded in the EU. At this moment no LL GM rice lines have been commercialised anywhere in the world.

The first reported finding of LL601 caused emergency responses and import bans in several countries around the world. LL62 is unlikely to trigger further consequences since it is similar to LL601 and LL62, and current tests also detect LL62 preventing import  of these LL rice into European food chains. It remains unknown, however, whether products containing LL62 have already reached retailers, as was the case with LL601 – which, through recalls, price drops and testing activities, caused economic losses of several million euros.