Cyprus to become a GMO-free zone

Cypriot Minister of Agriculture, Photis Photiou, intends to declare Cyprus a GMO-free island, because it is too small to ensure co-existence of conventional and biotech crops. The parliament supports the move and also is likely to vote for separate shelves for GM foods in stores.

According to the Cypriot Minister of Agriculture, Photis Photiou, Cyprus is too small to ensure co-existence. It would be impractical, if not impossible, to implement suitable buffer zones and isolation distances on islands of this size. Photiou stated, “Establishing security zones is just an exercise on paper,“ and called for the launch of a roadmap of governmental policies on GMO products. “We must elucidate these arguments to back our position in detail that there cannot be any co-existence," he commented at an environmental conference.

The Cypriot parliament is likely to back the minister's plan. It is also expected that Cyprus will soon establish a law that demands the placement of GM food on separate shelves in food stores. When the country first broached this idea in 2005, it caused angered reactions in the USA.