Co-Extra Newsletter 8, (18 February, 2009)

  • Co-Extra Stakeholder Days
  • Research live: Co-existence at the silo: "Farmers and regional elevator operators need to cooperate"
  • Recent news on co-existance and traceability


>> Co-Extra Stakeholder Days (March 19 & 20 2009, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Co-Extra will hold a two day open session to provide South American stakeholders with the opportunity to get informed about the scientific results further to four years of collaborative research by the 54 project partners. Additionally, participants will be able to explore stakeholders’ views and experience with coexistence and traceability systems currently in place in South America and in the European Union.

The open session will be of particular interest to scientists, operators in food and feed chains, regulators, the media and consumer organisations. 

The science day (19th March 2009) will be used to present the whole activities of Co-Extra considering the following topics:

  • Managing gene flow including agricultural and biological containment techniques
  • Sampling strategies, detection, identification and quantification of GM ingredients in crops, foods and feed supply chains (including detection of unapproved GMOs)
  • Supply chains modelling, practical and economic (costs/benefits) aspects of coexistence and traceability in the food and feed supply chains
  • Liability and redress issues associated with managing crop production and supply chains
  • Coexistence and traceability practices around the world
    Technologies for effective supply chain management, including data integration and decision support systems (DSS)

The "stakeholder interactive" day (20th March 2009) will enable comprehensive discussion on coexistence and traceability issues, taking account of demands, needs and practical experiences of stakeholders.

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>> Research Live: Co-existence at the silo: "Farmers and regional elevator operators need to cooperate"

Interview with François Coleno, research manager, INRA.
Read the interview.


>> Recent news on co-existence and traceability: