Co-Extra Newsletter 9,  (13 March, 2009)

The Co-Extra International Conference (3 – 5 June 2009, Paris, France)

Conference Registration is now open!

This two-day scientific conference and one-day stakeholders' workshop will run from 3 to 5 June 2009 in Paris, France and will present the results of four years of scientific research showing how these integrate with other EU and international studies to provide information for the management of GMOs and their products from farm to fork.

The stakeholders' workshop will take place on Day 3 (Friday, 5 June 2009) and will enable discussion of coexistence and traceability issues, taking into account the demands, needs and practical experiences of stakeholders.

Presentations on the results of related EU research projects - SIGMEA* and Transcontainer* - and also from invited representatives of non-EU countries will provide a broader picture of current knowledge both within and outside Europe.

Discussions based on the outcome of these projects, on international experiences and contributions of Co-Extra will cover the management of GM and non-GM production and supply chains for suiting European and international requirements.

The conference will be of particular interest to scientists, policy makers, operators in food and feed chains, regulators, the media and consumer organisations.

The Stakeholders' Workshop will also be of major interest to the general public.

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16 rue Claude Bernard
75231 Paris cedex 05

*Co-Extra, SIGMEA and Transcontainer are European Commission research projects in the 6th Framework Programme priority 5 – Food Safety and Quality (,,