Co-Extra Newsletter 1 (07 November 2006)

>> Research on co-existence and traceability: the EU project Co-Extra

Within the European Commission’s Sixth Framework Programme, Co-Extra is a EU research programme on
co-existence and traceability of GM and non-GM supply chains. Programme goals are to support the
implementation of co-existence and traceability with research results, and to foster a science-based debate
among stakeholders.
Co-Extra aims to develop comprehensive tools and methodologies and, along with existing measures, to
integrate them into embedded, decision-support systems which enable co-existence between genetically
modified, conventional, and organic crops. The project is intended to support the tracing of genetically
modified organism materials, and derived products, along the food and feed chains. Co-Extra anticipates the
future expansion of GMOs in quantitative, as well as qualitative, terms and assesses its economic impact.

>> Co-Extra website relaunched: new look and more information

Since the beginning of the Co-Extra programme in 2005, a simple website has supplied basic information
about the project. During the last months, using a sophisticated technology platform and offering a largely
increased range of information, a completely new website has been developed. On Monday, 25 September,
this new website was launched at
This website offers information on the dozens of research projects within the Co-Extra programme, and
explains approaches, and results, as soon as they become available. Topics include gene flow mitigation,
food and feed chains, GMO testing and economic impact.
Another section of the website supplies background information on progress in the implementation of coexistence
and traceability in various European countries. Besides national news, the country section offers
details on legal aspects, on ongoing and past cultivation of GMOs, and on national research projects. The
sections also portrays the current status of national debates on co-existence.
Further service features of the Co-Extra website include news and reportages, an overview of upcoming
events, a library with relevant documents, a glossary and a discussion forum.

>> Interviews

“Coexistence: A challenge for European agriculture and supply chains”
Yves Bertheau, coordinator of Co-Extra, explains how Co-Extra helps to provide the
practical tools needed to keep GM and non-GM crops separated on the farm, during
transport, and in processing - making it clear to all food and feed operators, and ultimately
to consumers, exactly what they’re buying.

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“Economic consequences of co-existence and traceability”
Morten Gylling is Senior Adviser at the Danish Institute of Food and Research Economics
in the Production and Technology Division. His research focuses on the economic aspects
of co-existence and traceability. In this interview he explains what co-existence and
traceability have to do with economics, and what are the goals of Co-Extra.

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“Getting to the bottom of GMO detection methods”
Co-Extra’s editorial office interviewed Dr. Guy Van den Eede, leader of a Co-Extra research
project investigating GMO detection methods. Van den Eede is head of the Biotechnology
and GMO unit of the European Commission Joint Research Centre’s Institute for Public
Health and Consumer Protection in Ispra, Italy.

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>> Recent news on co-existence and traceability

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>> Upcoming events

3rd International Fresenius Conference

GM Crops and Foods: Authorisation - co-existence - economic impacts
20 to 21 November 2006 - Frankfurt/Germany

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